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Cultural highlights in the Garden Kingdom, the Bauhaus and along the river Elbe

Experiencing event highlights in a world heritage setting

In and around Dessau-Rosslau there are more UNESCO cultural and natural heritage sites than anywhere else in Germany. These include the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz, the biosphere reserve “Middle Elbe”, the Luther memorials in Wittenberg and of course the Bauhaus in Dessau and the Master houses.

The Bauhaus Dessau, which was constructed in 1926 according to plans by Walter Gropius and inaugurated as an “Academy for design”, defined styles and forms which still influence our understanding of modern architecture, art and design across the globe until this day. The Bauhaus is open for anyone who is interested in it from all over the world, as are the houses in which the Bauhaus Masters Feininger, Muche/Schlemmer and Kandinsky/Klee lived. The restoration of the semi-detached Moholy-Nagy house and the individual house for the director of the Bauhaus has made it possible to experience the overall impression of the master house estate since May 2014.

The Bauhaus festival during the first weekend in September is unique among the national festivals. It is generated by the creative interaction between the Bauhaus architects and students from design academies, cultural institutes of the city of Dessau-Rosslau and renowned national and international artists. With the theme “Dessau Open – Performance Spaces in the City” modernity invades the market square. In addition, one of the annual event highlights is the international Kurt Weill festival and the Garden Kingdom Summer (Gartenreichsommer). For culture and art lovers, Dessau-Rosslau can therefore offer a unique added value in terms of leisure.

Conferences in very special venues

The event highlights in this unique world heritage region are complemented by the Anhalt Theatre, which has the largest rotating stage in Europe and high-level performances on site (also known as the “Bayreuth of the East” and offering a wide range of performance styles), as well as the lake landscape of Goitsche and “Ferropolis – the City of Iron” in the surrounding area.

In addition to the world heritage sites themselves, the “Hugo Junkers” Museum of Technology, the Anhalt-Arena, the Federal Environment Agency and the Golf Park of Dessau offer unforgettable backdrops and a special flair for corporate and company events. Companies are therefore cordially invited to consider hosting an event in Dessau Rosslau and experience world heritage close up.

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