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Welcome to the Bauhaus city and to the region of Anhalt

Dessau-Rosslau is a symbol for openness, tolerance and enlightenment. This is where the Bauhaus Dessau once united not only architects, graphic designers, craftsmen, textile designers and theatre-makers in order to shape a new world, but it is also where the educational reformer Basedow founded the Philanthropinum – a school based on love of humanity and one of the most progressive educational centres of its time. This open and welcoming attitude towards ideas and people is still well and alive today.

Welcoming agency for new professionals

The Welcoming Agency of Anhalt is a central point of contact for professionals and university graduates from Germany and abroad as well as for companies seeking to employ them. It takes care of people moving here and people returning here and seeks to be a compass for all those professionals who have already decided to move to the region.

The Welcoming Agency accompanies people when dealing with the authorities, provides information about welcoming tours on cultural and leisure activities, provides support when looking for somewhere to live and information on child care facilities, helps find language classes, can support family members in their search for a job if wished and establishes contact with potential employers.

National and international professionals are cordially invited to come and make the Bauhaus City their new place of work and residence.

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