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Uniquely diverse and with a high quality of life

Inhabitants of the Bauhaus City benefit from high-performing urban infrastructure with short distances between the architectural highlights, the city centre and the work place. A multitude of investments such as the construction of the pedestrian high street in the city centre and the Bauhaus museum will further optimise the conditions of this location and make it fit for the future. The housing on offer is extremely modern and affordable and there are ideal child care facilities, a diverse mix of clubs and associations and many ways to spend one’s leisure time. All of this makes Dessau-Rosslau to a very special place to live and work.

The urban construction in Dessau-Rosslau offers a wide range of unique and city-specific architectural styles. There are a number of residential construction areas for family homes with plots of land which have already been developed as well as housing estates inspired by the Bauhaus style, city districts, renovated old buildings and modern rental apartments. In addition there are various housing offers from estate agents and private landlords which means that looking for somewhere to live in the Bauhaus City is quick and easy.

New residents and citizens will find a large variety of clubs and associations here. Sports are very important in Dessau-Rosslau and there is a choice of over 70 types of sport. There are also other associations ranging from associations for local history and tradition or for festivals, to the local volunteer firefighters and many leisure facilities for children and adults, which means that it is easy to find one’s place in this dual city.

In addition, Dessau-Rosslau boasts shopping centres, specialist and expert shops geared towards their clients, special restaurants, sports arenas, a multiplex cinema and an interesting collection of museums, historic libraries and day-trip destinations in the surrounding area. All of these make this location particularly pleasant to live in. No other place offers such easy access to UNESCO heritage sites – be it following in the footsteps of architectural masters, reformers, or princes of Anhalt, or hiking through the idyllic meadows along the rivers Elbe and Mulde.

Work-life balance

Dessau-Rosslau is located right in the middle of a huge landscape of forests and parks. Palaces, gardens, alleys and small-scale architecture are integrated quite naturally into the surrounding meadows so that entire stretches of land give the impression of being a vast, never-ending park. This is a huge advantage for adults wishing to relax in nature after a day at work or at the weekend and is also an asset when raising the next generation of Dessau-Rosslauers. Optimal childcare is ensured by the municipally operated child care facility DeKita and many private supporters, which is now subject to additional quality management and is available during off-peak hours. The employers’ initiative “Companies Aware of Families” and the local family alliance make Dessau-Rosslau one of the most family-friendly cities.

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