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The educational infrastructure in Dessau-Rosslau is as unique as it is diverse and enables both high-quality vocational training and obtaining professional qualifications. In the centre of a university triangle lies the Anhalt University in Dessau-Rosslau, which is training the next generation of scientists in the main areas of architecture, design, facility management and geo-information. In close proximity to the Bauhaus Dessau, a modern campus offers more than 1,000 spaces for students. Other departments are the food and bio technology departments, engineering, electrical engineering, IT and economics which are offered at regional partner sites.

The “Hugo Junker” vocational training school of Anhalt is the largest and most modern of its kind in Saxony-Anhalt and offers professional training in areas ranging from manual skills to administration. It brings together vocational training, professional training, a technical college and technical secondary school. At the integrated technical grammar school it is possible to work towards a high-school leaving degree to attend university.

These training and further training measures on offer in the Bauhaus City are furthermore complemented by various grammar, secondary and primary schools as well as a renowned music academy, an adult education centre, combined study possibilities and commercial learning and language centres. This makes for a diverse educational landscape in Dessau-Rosslau, enabling companies to support the next generation of staff and to promote lifelong learning on site in Dessau-Rosslau.

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