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Career guidance and ensuring there is enough young talent has always played a very important role in the Bauhaus City. Most of the schools in Dessau-Rosslauer have been awarded the “seal of approval for career choices” for doing excellent work in this area. The kinds of activities undertaken in Dessau-Rosslau to ensure that there is a next generation of workers are as diverse as they are interesting. All of them have the aim of involving pupils in local companies from an early age and to show them the professional potential and career opportunities that are definitely on offer in Dessau-Rosslau. During career guidance sessions, the young generation learns about the different fields of activities and everyone gets to know their own strengths and talents in order to then make the best possible career choice.

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There are many official and voluntary activities in order to support the training of young people, ranging from events on career guidance such as the “Day of Professions”, the “GirlsDay – on girls and the future” or the “University Open Day”, to training sessions for job applications organised by the Rotary Clubs Dessau. The local job centre has one of the most modern centres on job information. For years now, renowned training and further training institutes have successfully relied on the BRAFO-Projekt project, which allows pupils to try out different professional areas in the Bauhaus City. The “vocatium Dessau-Rosslau” in spring and the “Fight to fill vacancies” (“Lehrstellenoffensive”) in autumn are trade fairs organised professionally on an annual basis and are an opportunity for attractive employers to present themselves to the talent of tomorrow and to recruit them in a targeted fashion.

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Beyond that, Dessau-Rosslau has brought together an active network of companies, schools, business associations and institutions in the working group “SchuleWirtschaft” in order to bundle information and activities and promote a stronger, improved way of supporting young people and gaining new talent.

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