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Welcome to Dessau-Rosslau

There is hardly any other city or location in Germany that has undergone so many changes and yet was always able to maintain the best aspects of each era of development.  

The city went from being a residence city for princes to the industrial centre of central German; went from being the cradle of enlightenment and civil aviation to being a modern, leading centre and cutting edge cluster for biopharmaceuticals within the innovative region of Anhalt. It is not only the place where Martin Luther’s reformation process started and where Prof: Hugo Junkers lived and worked (and where be built the first fully-metal aircraft and developed many other pioneering inventions), but it has also grown to become a production centre covering many leading and future-oriented business sectors.  

That is why we have jointly chosen the motto of “Fascinating Change”, seeking to combine traditional industrial culture with future-worthy innovation and modern urban development, in order to improve the world once more starting from the Bauhaus City.  

The new homepage of the office for business development wishes to provide you with only a brief insight into the advantages of the city of Junkers located in the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz. There is so much more to be discovered at this place where important things happen and which justify committing to the business location of Dessau-Rosslau, guaranteeing you and your business sustainable success.  

So, if you were looking for the very special place to invest, come to Bauhaus City... 

Yours faithfully Dr. Robert Reck

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