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Company introduction

As a non-profit, medium-sized research institution in Dessau-Roßlau, WTZ Roßlau gGmbH has been the link between science and industry for more than 70 years. With its versatile range of services, the company can offer its customers optimal services and innovative complete solutions from a single source. 

Range of products and services

WTZ Roßlau gGmbH is a private, innovative research company that specializes in the processing of scientific and technical tasks in the field of energy conversion. We develop and test products and processes in the fields of engine, energy, machine and equipment technology. The focus is on research topics in the pre-competitive area with a high degree of innovation for CO2 minimization, increasing efficiency, the use of regeneratively produced fuels such as hydrogen, emission reduction, exhaust gas heat utilization and increasing fatigue strength.

Training positions for

The WTC offers young people comprehensive training and optimal preparation for their future professional life by actively involving them in our daily work processes right from the start. Anyone who gets involved has a good chance of being taken on by our company after completing their training. The following training places are offered:

  • Industrial and construction mechanic (m/f)
  • Mechatronics engineer (m/f)
  • Office manager (m/f)

Work experience for

The WTZ Roßlau usually offers pupils and students three- to six-month internships in the technical or commercial area, which are of course remunerated. From design, calculation/simulation and development in the engine sector to finance and human resources – the selection of areas of application and possibilities are of a wide variety of types. Technical pre-internships for prospective students can also be completed.

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Dr.-Ing. Christian Reiser
- Managing Director -

"Where there is an engine in it, we, the WTZ, are often involved. We are only a small company, but we have a great reputation in the industry."