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Industriehafen Rosslau GmbH

Company introduction

The industrial port Industriehafen Roßlau is one of the most important inland ports in Saxony Anhalt. In 2004 the company Sächsische Binnenhäfen Oberelbe GmbH (SBO) which operates the inland ports of Torgau, Riesa and Dresden acquired 49 percent of the shares in Industriehafen Roßlau GmbH (IHR). Fifty-one percent of the shares are held by the city of Dessau-Rosslau. IHR has since been marketing its tri-modal port services jointly with Sächsischen Binnenhäfen Oberelbe GmbH.

The aim of this cooperation is to jointly expand the services offered by the port of Rosslau in the areas of handling, storage and transport via inland shipping, railway and lorry transport. Besides the classical handling of goods the port group also offers full logistical services in container and cargo transport as well as in the processing of large-capacity and heavy-load transporters. In the industrial port of Rosslau the port crane “Fritz”, a modern handling facility for containers, bulk and heavy goods is available for loads of up to 70 tons.

Range of products and services

  • Transport, handling, storage
  • Logistics, scheduled services
  • Leasing of location areas

Vacancies for

  • Port staff (m/f) with qualifications in the area of lift vehicles and traction units
  • Machine operator (m/f)
  • Forklift driver (m/f)
  • Forwarding merchants and office managers

Training positions for

  • Warehouse clerks (m/f)
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Lutz Wiesel
- Operations manager -

"With our tri-modal logistics centre in Dessau-Rosslau we are laying the path for the future."