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SAXON Junkalor GmbH

Company introduction

The company SAXON Junkalor GmbH is a high-tech company with many years of experience in the area of infrared gas analysis. The company was founded in 1892 by Professor Hugo Junkers and developed into a leading German expert in gas analysis which determined the physical and technical bases for the measurement of car exhaust gases from the detector to the complete analyser.

The scientific and technological expertise was continuously developed over the course of the history of the company. Today, SAXON Junkalor employs a team of highly qualified employees whose capacity for innovation ensures the quality and functionality of all products and services.

Range of products and services

  • Analysers and meters of smoke density
  • Gas analysers based on detectors developed and produced in-house
  • Analysers for the diagnosis of particle-mass-concentration in different exhausts

Training positions for

  • Appliances and system electronics technician (m/f)

Work experience for

  • Pupils and students
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Stefan Radde
- Managing Director -

"Dessau-Rosslau: For our clients and us this name stands for success and tradition."