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Company introduction

The team surrounding company owner Stephanie Krippendorf offers a wide range of photographs and different implementation styles. This includes among other things classical company photos and advertising shots, portraits and couple photos as well as family and children’s photos in the photo studio or outdoors. The choice of location, and individual make-up and style as well as personalised advice and composition make it possible for the company to transport a love of photography into lively and colourful motifs.

Range of products and services

  • Creative photoshoots for private customers and companies
  • Advertising photography
  • Portraits and couple photos
  • Family and children’s photos
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to the company

+49 340 532 40 84


Stephanie Krippendorf
- owner -

"Dessau-Rosslau and its beautiful surroundings offer the best opportunities for stylistically self-assured photographs as well as the fitting space for creative compositions."