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Future-oriented logistics site at the high banks of the river Elbe

Large volumes of traffic by tradition

The Tri-modal logistics centre is located in the north of the area and is made up of the Deutschen Hydrierwerken Rodleben (DHW), the industrial port of Rosslau and the Rosslau shipyard. This logistics site has developed throughout history and looks back on nearly 100 years of tradition while mastering the challenges of the future as a modern transhipment centre.

Excellent infrastructure

This industrial area has a one kilometre stretch of developed land along the banks of the river Elbe, cranes with a maximum load of 70 tons and excellent railroad infrastructure which the businesses and users can access in a non-discriminatory way. The quay is 650 metres long and in combination with efficient loading technology it allows for the quick transhipment of bulk goods and general cargo as well as heavy-load cargo and containers and offers direct access to international ports via the river. Particularly the tri-modal combination of direct connections between the area and the road, rail and waterways make the site one of the most attractive transhipment locations in central Germany.

In addition to the traditional leading sectors one would expect to find such as transhipment, shipbuilding and the production of basic chemicals, this area has also attracted other companies benefitting from the port location (such as feed and fertilizer wholesalers, ready-mixed concrete and metal recycling companies). There are still some spaces available for other companies with port-related business operations if possible.

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Tri-modal logistics centre –
facts and figures

Total area (net) ca. 100 ha
of which available
auf Anfrage

Plots of land 
surface areas 1.000 m² - 150.000 m²
fully developed
establishment of industry and commerce

Airport Leipzig/Halle | 56 km
Federal motorway A9 |15 km
Federal road B184 | direct access
Rail connection | direct access
Port connection | direct access