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Space for ideas and investments

Industrial areas, halls and offices in prime locations at best rates

As a growing production site and industrial centre, Dessau-Rosslau has a multitude of hall areas, office spaces and commercial premises – from high-end to cheap. In addition to modern production units, the city also offers industrial halls with a lot of character. These spaces have often already been ideally developed and equipped and can be used immediately without having to go to great effort. In addition there are business incubators and commercial centres at various locations that leave space for new ideas and offer an opportunity to start out as self-employed. These include the Dessau-Rosslau "Technology and Business Incubator" or the “Women Innovation Point”, which offer spaces to people wishing to start businesses at very competitive rates. But there is also an availability of high-end commercial and office spaces located right in the heart of the city of Dessau-Rosslau.

Comprehensive services for commercial spaces

The office for business development of Dessau-Rosslau has a catalogue of halls, offices and retail spaces as well as a variety of contact data for private and commercial lessors. This information is used to put together tailor-made location offers for every request to establish or expand a business. Businesses who are already located here can also inform the office for business development about any available spaces in their area and these are then included in the catalogue of commercial spaces. All this means that the search for a business space can be processed quickly and comprehensively and that interested businesses are accompanied by the service for establishment and companies from the first request up until the start of operations.

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