Commercial area Dessau-Mitte

Commercial space | Commercial area Dessau-Mitte
Commercial area Dessau-Mitte

Centrally located industrial and commercial area near the motorway

A mix of sectors from manufacturing and crafts

This historically evolved and steadily redeveloped large area is the industrial and crafting centre of the dual city. The individual parts of the area which are equipped with halls and office space have developed different sectoral focuses – from metal processing in the north to food production and logistics in the south. These are surrounded by high-performance crafts centres and service providers of all trades as well as the Anhalt vocational training centre and other industry education facilities which ensure that the companies located there have a steady flow of future employees.

Right in the centre

In addition to its central location this area enjoys good transport connections. The A9 motorway junction A9 Dessau-Süd can be reached in just a few minutes via a well-developed system of bypasses. The few industrial and commercial spaces that are still available are located in close proximity to the federal roads B184 and B185 and can be parcelled out individually.

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Commercial area
Dessau-Mitte –
facts and figures

Total area ca. 350 ha 
of which available
on request

Plots of land
Surface areas 2.000 m² - 30.000 m²
Fully developed
Establishment of industry and commerce

Airport Leipzig/Halle | 50 km
Federal motorway A9 | 8 km
Airfield | 1 km
Federal road B184 | direct access
Federal road B185 | direct access