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The Bauhaus City of the future

Dessau-Rosslau is one of the three regional hubs in Saxony-Anhalt and is an integral part of the up and coming European metropolitan region of central Germany. The city is a focal point for businesses and services in a unique and innovative region with its own identity. It is not only the place where Martin Luther’s reformation process started and where Prof. Hugo Junkers lived and worked (and where be built the first fully-metal aircraft and developed many other pioneering inventions), but it has also grown to become a business hub covering many leading and future-oriented business sectors – from classical metal engineering to modern biopharmaceutical products.

With the motto of “Fascinating Change”, Dessau-Rosslau is seeking to combine positive economic development and future-worthy innovation with modern urban development processes, in order to change the world once more starting from the Bauhaus City.

Research networks and space for ideas

Dessau-Rosslau is an administrative centre and houses the head offices of numerous public authorities and institutes of the region as well as the Federal Environment Agency. There are many reasons why the Bauhaus City is an excellent place to invest: the innovative network of research, development and educational facilities; the funding policy to encourage new business establishments; the professional business services; the active business federations and its culture of welcoming enterprising ideas.

Dessau-Rosslau currently has a large number of available industrial and retail spaces with ideal conditions and sometimes unique qualities which are offered to companies in the size they desire and at favourable terms. The office for business development of Dessau-Rosslau is an accompanying agency offering a full range of services and provides competent support from the first inquiry up to the inauguration of a site and company expansion.

Working and living with added world heritage value

There is a high quality offer of living spaces and ideal options for child care as well as unique leisure possibilities. All this makes Dessau-Rosslau particularly attractive for both working and living. No other place in Europe offers as many cultural highlights to be enjoyed or such easy access to UNESCO heritage sites – be it following in the footsteps of architectural masters, reformers, or princes of Anhalt, or hiking through the idyllic meadows along the rivers Elbe and Mulde.

Companies, investors and professionals are therefore cordially invited to come and look around Dessau-Rosslau and to help shape this extraordinary location. Come to the Bauhaus City.

Successful economy and industrial culture

As the cradle of modern aviation and the site of the world-famous Junkers-Werke factory, the entire region has an industrial background and has traditionally always had a strong innovative character. Sectors which are intrinsically linked to this economic location are engineering and plant construction, the maintenance of rolling stock, the construction of electric motors and ships as well as leading-edge clusters for biopharmaceutical and chemical production. The BioPharmaPark of Dessau is an integrated site for research and services which is currently providing 2,000 jobs in the areas of vaccine development and medicine production, and is geared towards further expansion.

The city medical centre of Dessau is another large employer and a lot of effort has been put into making it one of the leading health facilities in Germany. This health campus provides first-rate medical care and is active as a scientific centre with an international focus. The dual city’s high-performance and crisis-resistant mix of sectors is completed by the presence of service providers and crafts businesses.

Regional hub with optimal transport connections

The central location of Dessau-Rosslau in the heart of Germany as well as its first-rate transport infrastructure allow easy access both for companies located there and for commuters. Dessau-Rosslau is flanked by the A9 motorway (Berlin-Munich) and the A38 motorway (Leipzig-Göttingen) as well as the A14 Motorway (Dresden-Magdeburg) and the federal roads which pass through close to the city centre all ensure that access by road is practically perfect. Dessau-Rosslau is also a hub for rail transport and is comprehensively connected to the railroad network of the Deutsche Bahn AG.

The intercontinental airport of Leipzig/Halle can be reached quickly and allows for people and goods to move quickly across the globe. In addition, the city has a modern and fully-equipped commercial airfield for business travellers and private aircraft. Dessau-Rosslau has its own port which connects it to the international ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam via the waterway network.

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Dessau-Rosslau – facts and figures

Federal state | Sachsen-Anhalt
Status | Independent town
Surface area | 245 km²  
Inhabitants | 82.000


Airport Leipzig/Halle | 50 km
Federal motorway A9 | direct access
Federal road B184 | direct access
Federal road B185 | direct access
Federal road B187 | direct access
Central train station | direct access
Airfield | direct access
Industrial port of Rosslau | direct access
Elbe port Aken | 10 km